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Step 1: Choose target and sky survey
Target:     Survey:
Size: arcmin
High Res:

Step 2: Setup automatic adjustment of orientation as seen in eyepiece

Warning: With POSS I, orientation will not be correct near the poles. Use POSSII instead.

Type of Dobsonian: Small Big

Observer's Latitude (negative for South): °
Observer's Longitude (negative for West): °

Computed Information:
Local Sidereal Time now:
Not yet calculated
LT:    UT:    JD:   
Precessed (JNow):

LST calculator script courtesy of Rekhesh Mohan; used with permission.

Step 2 Alt: Alternatively, adjust orientation manually
Flip Image     Rotation: °
Step 3: Adjust appearance and annotate
Invert Colors
Zoom Factor:     Contrast: Brightness:
Annotation font size: px
Add FOV circle: arcmin   Mark north  
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